Elegant and Powerful Theme for Hexo

Theme NexT has the following features:

  • No jQuery.
  • Support native dark mode.
  • Support Pjax to deliver a fast browsing experience.
  • Integrated KaTeX and MathJax mathematical formula rendering.
  • Integrated PDF.js and mermaid diagram.
  • Support Disqus, Changyan, LiveRe, Gitalk, Utterances and Isso comment systems.
  • Support a large number of third-party statistics and content sharing services.
  • Easy to customize content or modify style.

Four Schemes in One

By using different Schemes in NexT, you can simply change the style of your blog, and nearly all options can be used in all schemes.

Multilingual Support

Thanks to the contribution of our users and developers, NexT now supports over 20 languages.

English translation
Chinese translation
Russian translation

Code Highlighting Themes

NexT uses code highlighting themes from the Highlight.js and Prism package, and makes more than 300 themes available to you.

TomorrowTomorrow NightTomorrow Night Eighties
TomorrowTomorrow NightTomorrow Night Eighties
Tomorrow Night BlueTomorrow Night BrightDefault
Tomorrow Night BlueTomorrow Night BrightDefault

Supported Browsers

We design NexT to support the latest web browsers. We support the current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Many CSS3 and ES6 features are used in theme NexT, including CSS Variables, Destructuring assignment, Arrow functions and Spread operator.

BrowserSupported versionsRelease dateLimitation
IEN/AOct 17, 2013N/A
Edge79+Jan 15, 2020Destructuring rest parameters
Firefox52+Mar 7, 2017Destructuring rest parameters
Chrome49+Mar 3, 2016CSS Variables
Safari10+Sep 20, 2016Arrow functions
Opera37+May 4, 2016Spread in array literals

Some other new Web APIs, such as IntersectionObserver and Fetch API, are used by NexT plugins. They are not core functions of NexT, so we have no plans to make them compatible with legacy browsers.

In addition, CSS position: sticky is used for sidebar positioning. On browsers that do not support this property, its fallback style position: static will be used.

Customize Your NexT

NexT have flexible but simple options, and you can make your own blog with built-in third-party support. Now let’s get started.