{% caniuse feature @ [periods] %}


{% can feature @ [periods] %}
  • feature : Search for the feature you want on, then click on the hash sign to the left of the search result heading and you will get the unique name of this feature.
  • [periods] : Optional parameter. Select the browser versions to display. Supported values: past_1, past_2, past_3, past_4, past_5, current, future_3, future_2, future_1. If this value is empty, the default value current will be used.


Caniuse without periods

{% caniuse fetch %}

Caniuse with current period

{% caniuse sharedarraybuffer @ current %}

Caniuse with future periods

{% caniuse loading-lazy-attr @ future_3,future_2,future_1 %}

Caniuse with past periods

{% caniuse link-rel-modulepreload @ past_1,past_2,past_3,past_4,past_5 %}